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Temple of Eck, Nigeria

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seminar flyer 2023 Nigeria ECK Soul Adventure - Port Harcourt

Dec 8-10, 2023

Temple of ECK, Obi Wali Road, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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ECKANKAR teaches that there is an audible life current known as the ECK, or Holy Spirit, that connects each of us with the heart of God. We can experience the ECK as Light and Sound. Through study and practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, we learn to recognize the Light and Sound of God as It touches our lives and brings increased divine love.

Temple of ECK, Port-Harcourt

Sri Harold Klemp, The Mahanta

Sri Harold Klemp

The spiritual leader of Eckankar is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta is the inner, or spiritual, form of the Living ECK Master. The Mahanta gives inner guidance through dreams, Soul Travel, and the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Harold Klemp’s inspiring talks and writings, and his practical approach to spirituality, help thousands of people worldwide find greater freedom, wisdom, and love. His teachings uplift and help people recognize their own experiences with the Light and Sound of God.

Our Centers

At our ECK Centers we hold daily, weekly and monthly activities. You could also go there to read a book on ECKANKAR or ask about ECKANKAR. ECK Light and Sound Service holds at these Centers every Sunday at 9.00am.

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Upcoming Events

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2023 ECK Area Seminar - Owerri

Sep 08-10, 2023

, Owerri, Nigeria.

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2023 ECK Area Seminar - Lagos

Sep 22-24, 2023

, Lagos, Nigeria.

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2023 ECK Area Seminar - Abuja

Sep 29 - Oct 01, 2023

, Abuja, Nigeria.

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2023 ECK Area Seminar - Uyo Central

Nov 03-05, 2023

, Uyo Central, Nigeria.

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